LACOSC is committed to creating or supporting programs that:

  • Promote the co-existence of Liberians and Friends of Liberia in Southern California and throughout the United States
  • Promote the cultural, socio-economic and educational wellbeing of its members.
  • Stimulate trade and cultural exchanges between the US and Liberia, and
  • Provide assistance to thousands of Liberian war victims at home and abroad

Scholarships: Each year, through generous donations, LACOSC will provide scholarships to deserving students in Liberia, and others of Liberian descent, in the United States and abroad. The organization will maintain a special scholarship fund for that purpose.

Community : Throughout the year, LACOSC will organize local social gatherings, town hall meetings, and special community events in an effort to bring the Liberian community together in a variety of settings.

Support for Liberia and Liberians: LACOSC will establish links with various humanitarian organizations, Liberian groups (local, regional, national, and, international) and African organizations; for the economic, financial, social and cultural benefit of Liberians at home and abroad.

Youth Programs: Create a summer day program for Liberian youth in SOCAL to educate them about Liberia, its culture, people and historical connections to America.

Elderly Programs: Organize a special day of recreational events for the elderly

Donations: LACOSC will fully utilize its 501(c)(3) status to raise funds to donate to the educational, medical, and material needs of the people of Liberia.

Dispute resolution: Create a special grievance committee to help solve issues among Liberians in SOCAL.


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