The Liberian American Community Organization of
Southern California

170th Independence Day Celebration

Theme: We have peace; Now let’s make progress


Alfred Lorenzo Weeks
Chairman, LACOSC

Fellow community members and distinguished guests. The Board of Directors and Executive Leadership of the Liberian American Community Organization of Southern California wish you a Happy July 26th. We thank you and ask for your continued support as we strive to accomplish all endeavors geared toward improving our dear Organization, Community and Countries.

We want to assure you that our leadership is committed to achieving the goals and vision of our Organization. And promise to implement policies that emphasize best practices from both Liberia and the United States.


“In Union Strong Success is Sure, We Cannot Fail!”

God bless all of you and our beloved countries!

The Liberian American Community Organization of
Southern California

170th Independence Day Celebration

Theme: We have peace; Now let’s make progress

Dr. Thomas NimeneTweh Jr.

President, LACOSC

Independence Day Message

This time of the year is a historic event as Liberians at home and abroad come together to salute the birth of our nation. It is a culture that has survived for 170 years. Our being here today is exactly a fulfillment of that duty—to uphold the existence of a place we call home—Liberia!

Even though we are far from home, our attitude displayed here tells much to that truth that we are not only patriotic, but we bear the loyalty to our RED, WHITE and BLUE stripes flag that gives us that sweet Country. I AM PROUD TO BE A LIBERIAN! And I know that you are also proud to be called Liberians!

Our theme for this year’s celebration is: WE HAVE PEACE NOW, LET’SMAKE PROGRESS” I define peace as being at ease – a point in life where you are exposed to freedom and that all your chances to face life are left in charge with yourself. So, when you have peace, nothing should therefore hold you down to achieve progress. As your humble servant, I can assure you that we will make the needed progress! Progress we can rely on as means to present our Community ready, progressive and committed.

Our Liberian Community faces many challenges, but together we shall overcome!We are already making considerable progress in this area. In a joint effort with the Board of Directors, we started a comprehensive review of the organization’s constitution, and have started implementing some positive changes that will improve the effectiveness of the organization

While I’m encouraged to thank you all for electing me as your President, I’m also pleased to state here that the opportunity you gave us to serve is not directed only on the shoulders of those you’ve elected today;but rather on the entire Liberian community, if we are to reach our desired goals. To our friends and partners, we stand here today because of your great support. We thank you for your valuable contributions.


We had a hard-fought campaign that revealed many ideological differences among members of our community; but now, the campaign is over, and we have our new elected officials and Board members! We are united in our pledge to serve the community to the best of our abilities! WE HAVE PEACE, NOW LET’S MAKE PROGRESS! Today, I stand here as President of LACOSC, Everyone’s President.

Our progress as leaders is tie to you, the members. We ask that you speak with our administration and as one people, we will fight for a single goal. And that goal is PROGRESS!!  Our dream is big. We are armed with great ideas and solutions. The time has come to build on all the good work done by previous administrations and continue to make positive changes that would define this administration. Let’s come out bright, strong and unified as we make PROGRESS that will benefit Liberians EVERYWHERE! We were elected to SERVE the community! And that is our pledge to you!


Consideration has been made to add some portion of development to LACOSC during the period of our tenue. If all falls into place, and with your support through dues and other forms of donations, our leadership thinks that there is a need to secure a hall of RECREATION – a LACOSC owned resource center that we believe will cater to the diverseneeds of our Liberian American Community.

Under my leadership, this regime will seek partnership with friendly financial houses with the goal of obtaining grants and other forms of support to revitalize LACOSC and promote significant growth for the organization.


As I take my seat, let it be said here that you should never mistake that our presence is not in Liberia. The Liberian American Organization Community of Southern California, is well known in Liberia. Whether at the political or community level, our presence is well grounded.

Congressmember Bass, our beloved country, Liberia, has suffered civil war and most recently the deadly Ebola virus that killed thousands of citizens.We, the Liberians in the diaspora, held fast to every necessary contribution and donation we could get with the help of the past executives of LACOSC to support our brothers and sister back home.

Notwithstanding, those of us that were privileged to escape all the various atrocities in Liberia and reside in southern California, still have a long way to go in achieving the recognition we deserve with various communities, city and state officials.

The present leadership of the Liberian American Community Organization of Southern California understand the value of partnerships, team building process and connecting with authorities, especially our Congressmember,to develop strong relationships to the mutual benefit of all parties.

JULY 26 INDEPENDENCE celebration of our nation held here today, is another side of our commitment to continue to uphold the loyalty of our native home.

Lastly, my fellow Liberians, friends of Liberia and our guest, in the words of John F Kennedy, the 38th president of America, after whom Liberia’s number one hospital is named, “do not ask what your country will do for you; but rather ask what you can do for your country.”

Simply, as members of this great organization, do not ask what the organization will or can do for you, but rather join hands with us, this new administration, and ask yourself what can you do individually to continue to build and sustain this organization’sprominent position in the Southern California Community.

May God bless our country’s INDEPENDENCE, may God bless the Liberian American Community Organization of Southern California (LACOSC), may God bless the United States of America!


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