The Liberian-American Community Organization Of Southern California (LACOSC) is a non-profit, non-political coalition of Liberians and Friends of Liberia residing in the Southern California region of the United States of America. There are approximately 2000 Liberians, from Bakersfield to San Diego (the length of the Liberian coastline), currently living and working in the Southern California area.

The organization’s primary objectives are:

  • To promote co-existence among Liberians and friends of Liberia in Southern California
  • To promote the cultural, socio-economic and educational well being of its members
  • To plan programs that stimulate trade and cultural exchanges between the US and Liberia

As a result of years of civil strife in Liberia, LACOSC is engaged in fund raising programs to assist thousands of Liberian war victims at home and abroad

LACOSC Leadership

Jartu McConnell James
Vice President

Jackie Cooper

Francis J. Nyaforh
Financial Treasurer

Elwin Yengbe

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