Liberian Independence Day Gala and Inaugural Ceremony
Dr. Thomas Tweh - President; Congressmember Karen Bass; Jartu McConnell James - Vice President
Event Venue - Hilton at LAX
First class event & convenient location – Hilton Hotel near Los Angeles Airport
Event Ballroom at the Hilton Hotel
Event Ballroom at the Hilton Hotel
MC Interviews Congressmember
Master of Ceremonies, Felicia McJerry interviews Congressmember Karen Bass at the Liberian 170th Independence Day Celebrations
Congressmember Karen Bass
Keynote Speaker for the July 29th Independence Day Event
Featured Artists
Friday the Cell Phone Man & Jaway
Kat Lincoln
Liberian-American Performer
Jaway Liberian American Musician and performer
Our very own Liberian DJ
LACOSC Executive team
LACOSC Executive team members: Thomas Tweh - President; Jartu M. James - Vice President; ElsinYangbe - Secretary; Francis J. Nyaforh Treasurer; Jackie Batti Cooper - Chaplain

LACOSC Town Hall Meeting January 2018

Message from the President

Fellow Liberians and Friends of Liberia
On behalf of The Board of directors and Executive Officers of LACOSC, I extend our sincere appreciation to everyone who supported our Christmas Party event. THANK YOU! In keeping with our commitment to accountability and transparency in all matters of the organization, we plan to have several Town Hall meetings in 2018. Our first meeting will be held on Saturday, January 6, 2018 at 1603 Morse Dr., San Pedro, CA at 4PM. We expect the meeting to be informative and lively. The executive team will update you on the financial status of the organization, and discuss plans for the rest of 2018 and beyond.

What’s on Your Mind?
We look forward to a healthy productive discussion with our Members and Guests. We have set aside time to address your Questions, Concerns and Comments. You can Click Here submit your questions to the Executive Team in advance. The questions we receive online will be answered first. You can also call Elwin at (310) 722‐4048

Fundraising Activity:
Drinks and Pepper Soup will be available for a small donation.

Farewell Party
Immediately following the Town Hall meeting there will be a farewell party for our Financial Secretary, Jaway at the same location. The party will go on till the Wee hours of the morning. Everyone is welcome! Please Stay and Have Fun! 

Thanks Again to Everyone for your Support! HAPPY HOLIDAYS


Location: 1603 Morse Dr., San Pedro, CA

Independence Day Message from the President

Dr. Thomas Nimene Tweh Jr.
President, LACOSC

As we mark our 170th Independence Day celebration, it is within our innermost being that Liberia is our beloved country, and we are proud to be Liberians. As peace is prevailing, let our minds be set on the goodness and opportunity of the future that can revamp our country’s existence. As Liberians in diaspora, let us take the time to reflect and aim at much higher goals that will help us progress into the future of Liberia and the Liberian-American community; a future that will leave a legacy for not only our generation, but for the next generation and beyond.

God bless us all!

God Bless Liberia!

God bless the United States of America!

Happy 170th Independence Day!

President’s 170th Independence Day Speech

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